Online Casinos entering ZA market

Your guide on how to play Bingo online for ZAR. Teach yourself before playing for real. Read here.

For too long South African gamblers have been lied to and mislead in terms on online gambling legislation. Meanwhile online casino game developers have been allowed to employ people in South Africa while overseas-facing online casinos have been operating out of various South African cities. The tide is finally turning and the market is opening up to legal South African-facing online casinos, leaving the current crop of illegal operators with a problem. To find out where you now can play bingo legally, see here: { }

How Bingo has evolved to online Bingo

Bingo is suggested to have evolved from a lottery-based game from the early 1500s and was called 'Lo Giocoso del Lotto D’Italia'. After the game found its way over to France in the 1700s, it was played by Frenchmen with too much money and was referred to as 'Le Lotto'. Around the 1800s, German people started using the game for educational purposes. By the time it reached the USA it was called 'Beano' and was played at carnivals where it was discovered and commercialised by a used toy salesman.

When the internet and e-commerce started taking off in the mid-1990s, of course this included online gambling. Online casinos were established and Bingo became part of the game offering. Around 1996 the first online bingo game was introduced. It was a free bingo game site called 'Bingo Zone'. Today online casinos provide different versions of the game via Bingo networks or stand-alone games to players. The popularity of online Bingo has increased especially in recent times as more and more gamblers choose to stay home and gamble from home.

How to play online bingo

There is no difference between traditional bingo and the version played online. Bingo is played by a player having to match called out number on a card with a set of numbers until a predetermined combination is achieved. The bingo card has numbers in a 5 x 5 grid configuration with the centre block being empty. The bingo software automatically crosses off or marks the numbers. This is called the 'auto-daub' feature. In bingo halls the player needs to yell out 'Bingo' to indicate a hit. Online, this happens automatically.

  • Check the credentials of the online casino
  • Good bankroll strategy
  • Don't play with emotion
  • Enjoy the social aspect

Some tips for an entertaining Bingo game are: Check the casino in terms of licensing, safety and fair-play commitment. Have some. practice games on the casino's free-play software to get to grips with the rule and gameplay. Set a bingo budget and do not exceed it. Stick ti a consistent time to lay and try not to play where the sites are congested. Bingo is a game of chance so keep a level head and don't get over-emotional. Chat to other players.

Playing Bingo online in South Africa

There is no doubt that the new entries to the South African online casino market will bring a new legal breath of fresh air to this market that has been plagued by rogue operators for too long. These new legit casino operators are bring with them plenty of new games and players can look forward to exciting and entertaining version of Bingo. Do your research on these operators by playing the free version of Bingo and brush up before playing the game for real.


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